Employed With an Online Presence

All too often I hear those who believe an online presence is only necessary if you’re unemployed. You may want to ask those whose names were published in the Globe and Mail in BCE Cleans House at CTV. Although all were senior level employees that were let go, their Linkedin profiles are limited or don’t exist and even a google search will not provide reasonable results. Managing a successful executive career involves maintaining a professional online presence at all times whether employed or in career transition. Not only should a potential employer, recruiter or valuable contact have the ability to find you, they should also be able to find your contact details to contact you.

If you are managing an executive career, the minimum online presence should include, active profiles on Linkedin, Twitter and a Facebook page. In addition, sign up for a Google account and add the customized URLs for each of these sites and establish a gmail account.

The opportunities presented by embracing social media will not only benefit your career, the knowledge and contacts you gain could very likely benefit your employer as well. When and not if you find yourself in career transition, you will be prepared!   

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