Facebook Rivals Professional Sites

If you thought your Linkedin profile was all you needed to maintain a successful professional online presence, you may want to review the following post from ere.net, Why Facebook Will Destroy Linkedin. Key factors include the numbers, Facebook with over 750 million users and Linkedin with 120 million users combined with what has been a slowly emerging acknowledgement that Facebook is not just for kids!

As you may have read in the many blog posts here at Elite Resumes, a Linkedin profile is the absolute minimum requirement for an online presence. It’s been over 2 years since a Certified Professional Resume has been written here that did not include a Linkedin address as part of the contact details. Although Facebook and Twitter addresses are not often included they have become the top search sites for HR professionals and recruiters. If you can’t be found it could be reason enough to eliminate you as a potential candidate due to insufficient corroborative information.

The following Facebook Page for businesses, https://www.facebook.com/business provides the information necessary to establish a page for your business but marketing your business is not so different from marketing yourself as a professional. The consumer may vary but the need to market and clearly brand a product to entice interest is the same. Your personal brand and a professional online profile highlighting your expertise is the marketing collateral necessary to sell yourself to HR professionals and recruiters. Most professionals are not experts in marketing and even those with expertise within the industry rarely succeed at marketing themselves so it is in your best interest to consider the resources offered by an executive career management professional.

A Facebook profile does provide the ability to manage friends by creating individual lists but creating a separate Facebook Page provides the opportunity to establish another professional presence with a highly significant Google ranking. The following links will take you to a few Facebook Pages that are getting noticed.

Social Media Examiner posts the finalists in their Top 10 Small Business Facebook Page contest.




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