Public Criticism Shows A Lack of Respect

Why is it that some “professionals” feel the need to criticize others for minor mistakes? Worse, are those who can’t resist criticizing others in front of an audience. We’ve all witnessed the individual in a large audience who feels the need to point out a minor error to the speaker even though there will be no benefit to anyone other than to create an air of discomfort. And then there is the comment posted online for all to see criticizing someone for making a minor typo. Again, what is the benefit? Public criticism shows a lack of respect.

There is clearly a distinct difference between those who will invest the time to discretely advise a colleague of an error out of kindness and consideration and those who have an irresistible urge to publicly criticize, humiliate or insult for no reason. Perhaps the latter should inquire about additional therapy or is it simply a lack of common sense or consideration for the impact their response will have on others?

For many who believe that the best way to handle this criticism is through public retaliation, you are also making a big mistake. A decision to respond with a lack of respect is unacceptable behaviour regardless of who started it. Publicly displaying a lack of professionalism, discretion or consideration is not justifiable especially when it is related to something as trivial as a typo! The impression you generate will be long and lasting so prior to publicly criticizing anyone, or accusing someone of ridiculing or criticizing you, consider your choices carefully. Is it necessary? Will the mistake negatively impact others if not brought to light publicly? Is it possible to send a discrete message? How will your message be received by others? If you publicly display a lack of respect for someone else, what does that say about you?

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