Social Media and Your Job Search

The Ultimate Social Media Checklist for Job Hunters, posted by Mark at provides an excellent resource for incorporating social media into your job search. This extensive checklist includes links to many other articles, 30 Ways to Land a Job in 2010 and The 101 Top Twitter Job Search and Careers Experts are among many that will inform, educate, connect and ensure a visible profile positioning you in the forefront of a competitive job market.

The above provide links to information on every aspect of a career ranging from junior entry level to seasoned senior executives. The information and the experts encompass every topic from resumes, networking, job search, job interview to personal branding, career management and social media.

Informative OverwhelmingThe wealth of information available today may at times seem overwhelming. To avoid becoming lost in exploring the infinite amount of knowledge available, break down the information into individual topics to assist in acquiring a reasonable amount of knowledge within an acceptable time frame. It may also be advisable to begin simply by searching for the definitions of social media, blogs, personal branding and career coaching to establish a comfortable foundation of knowledge.

We live in a world of experts, some focussing on a specific area of interest, such as resume writing or job search strategies but there are also those experts who are certified to provide a variety of executive career management services which also include personal branding strategist, executive coaching and employment interview professional. If you feel you could benefit more from speaking to a professional certified to provide a variety of services, contact Martin Buckland at Elite Resumes.          

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