Common Mistakes in Elevator Pitches

5 Common Mistakes in Elevator Pitches

Elevator pitches have various names and they are also sometimes referred to as infomercials

Remember, first impressions count.  One, mistake and you can potentially ruin a relationship or at least a conversation with a person.  Make your elevator pitch memorable and memorize it.  I remember some great elevator pitches that I have heard while I’ve been networking…make yours memorable!

Elevator Pitch Mistakes

Let’s review five common mistakes that people make when delivering an elevator pitch.

  1. Not including KPIS Or Metrics. These are especially important if you are in a metric driven business such as sales or marketing where you need to drop in some metrics because metrics ‘sell’. We hire people who can make money or who can save money and eliminate headcount, et cetera. The list goes on and on and on so include some performance related KPIs or metrics.
  1. Not Explaining YOUR VALUE. Everyone has value. You need to express that value. You need to think about that value and then you need to exude it in the conversation, in an elevator pitch. Talk about your value; do not undersell yourself.
  1. Focusing Only on “NOW”. You want to include your past and your future. Express it very clearly, very succinctly and do not ramble on, and on. You need to rehearse this and make it memorable.
  1. The Pitch is Too Long. I would say do not go any longer than 90 seconds. You can sell yourself quite eloquently, quite confidently, quite clearly in that amount of time. People don’t want to listen longer than that. Remember to make it very, very striking, very engaging, very resonating.
  1. Not Enough Passion and Eloquence. You need to be passionate. You need to deliver your elevator pitch with a little bit of flare. Use your arms to gesticulate but don’t flail all over the place. Just really give an emphasis on what a great person you are. You have HUGE value and you are great!

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