How to Achieve Your Career Goals

How to Achieve Your Career Goals

Today we are talking about how a Career Coach can help you achieve your career goals with minimum pitfalls. Working with a career coach is a partnership. It is a collaboration to jointly evaluate your skills and through these coaching sessions we will probably determine many more skills, that are valuable in your career advancement, than you think you have. That’s what coaching is all about. It’s an exploration. We also discover career options, perhaps again you didn’t think about but are available to you right now. There are many, so take advantage of them. They may excite you, they may not excite you, but that’s what we discuss in a coaching session. Also, get past that negativity. Too many people today have negative opinions, negative feelings about their careers. They’re unhappy. They don’t like doing this. They don’t like doing that. Well, hopefully it will help them eradicate that negativity and think positively to move forward in their new career direction.

It will eliminate all those beliefs and obstacles that people sadly hold on to. It will also focus you so that you are moving in the right direction with some clarity. It will give you something to work with. Something that really excites you and you need to showcase that in your interviewing and your networking as you embark on a new career. It will help you avoid mistakes. I have seen people make many mistakes that cost them a lot of time and a lot of money. You do not want that to happen to you. You want to go from A to B in the fastest possible way. Over a period of several sessions, a career coach conducts either daily, weekly, monthly, or more frequent career coaching sessions. A career plan will eventually evolve, but it takes time. Don’t expect one or two coaching sessions that bring that plan to you.

A career coach will do their best with the older skills to accelerate your career, help you make informed decisions, and set goals for you. You will have a roadmap. You will be ready to embark on a new journey. Plus, and this is important today, it will help you reduce the stress. We take our career home with us 24/7, 365 days/year, and if you are unhappy in your career, you play that out at home within your family unit. I’m sure your spouse, your kids, and other people around you, don’t like to listen to your unhappiness in your career. A coach will try to eradicate all that, so you go to work on Monday morning, buoyant and extremely excited, ready for a new opportunity, ready for a new challenge that day. So, work-life balance is particularly important in today’s world. Make sure you have a work-life balance. ┬áSo crucial.

Are you convinced or not convinced? If you want to have a free no-obligation chat about how I, as a career coach, (I hold multiple certifications in coaching) can help you. I am more than happy to have a 20-minute conversation over the phone and it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, about how I can help you bring that clarity and embark on a new journey. Create that new career plan so you have a roadmap to go forward excited and really thrilled for your future career and eliminate all those hindrances. If you are interested, email me below or send your resume to me on LinkedIn. I’m here for you. I’m ready. I would love to coach you.

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