Are you a mystery?

Everyone loves a good mystery and there are many who are intrigued by vagueness or anonymity. With Hallowe’en fast approaching the excitement is in the air for children and adults alike who are preparing to don their costumes and transform themselves into a totally new character.

Hiding who you really are at a costume party is acceptable but if you are interested in being noticed and taken seriously in your job search by a recruiter or an HR professional, you better come clean! The more open and honest and genuine you are, the further you stick your head above the water, the more opportunities will come your way. Hiding behind a façade or making a decision to omit pertinent details in your resume will only question your credibility.

The success of your career is dependent on being discovered and being seen as a viable candidate by employers and recruiters. It is critical that you invest in your presence, networking online and offline and develop your personal brand. You must “tell the world”, that you are an outstanding, performance driven professional adept at providing solutions! If you remain invisible what possibility do you have of being discovered?

For some it is easier to be a mystery and for most, selling yourself is a difficult endeavour but for those interested in succeeding in their career, it is necessary to develop a visible, marketable, personal brand!

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