Do you need a degree to get a job?

Much has been said for achieving a post secondary education and increasing your chances to be the selected candidate in your job search, especially in today’s highly competitive job market. Keppie Careers provides an informative article and some valuable advice in, “How important is a college degree for your job prospects?”, written by Miriam Salpeter, who says, “No matter how highly “qualified” you are, knowing how to market your qualifications is much more crucial. Your ability to connect your skills and accomplishments to an organization’s needs will be just as important as actually having the basic qualifications.”

Continued learning is always in your best interest and if you have the opportunity to further your education and obtain a professional degree, it could very well provide you with the edge you need to secure a new job.  However, do not count yourself out if you don’t have that degree. A clear focus, positive attitude and optimism may have just as much to do with your career success as a college or a university degree. There are many CEO’s, past and present, that have started at the bottom and worked their way to the top without a degree.

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