Does Your Job Search Strategy Make You Dated?

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If you’re not embracing today’s digital career management tools, you risk others seeing you as irrelevant and outdated. That can fiercely impact your job search results.

When I first started writing resumes and managing people’s careers, job search was very cumbersome and frustrating, and could be uneventful for days.

We had limited access to data online, and utilized the library as our prime resource for gathering information. Do you remember the library? Master librarians were a jewel in helping job searchers uncover data relating to potential employers.

A visit to a library today is somewhat obsolete. That library sits right in front of you on your desk or mobile device. At the press of a few buttons you can extract a mass of information that will bring significant traction to your job search, and expedite an interview and hopefully a win.

Social media sites are a wealth of information about prospective employers. You can customize job search to a niche and uncover experts in various fields who can provide valuable information and data for your search.

Sites like LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook also function as platforms to market yourself as a thought leader or expert. Success requires active participation in a plethora of groups and networks.

Make yourself comfortable with social media. It doesn’t bite. Today, a job search without a significant social media presence, interaction and online sharing will bring little return. You will elongate your job search, increase your frustration, and be seen by career influencers as a professional operating in the dark age.

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