Employers Utilizing Social Media

Managing a successful career involves utilizing social media to establish profiles, network, follow targeted companies and keep abreast of the job market. With recent surveys showing over 80% of employers utilizing social media to seek out candidates, it is no longer an option if you are interested in advancing in your career.

A professional resume must contain a detailed career history, notable accomplishments and education. Although references have always been maintained separately, it is unlikely you will be asked to provide them. Why? Because, in addition to confirming the accuracy and consistency of the data in a resume with online profiles, employers are also looking for references online. Do you have the necessary testimonials in your profile that the employer is seeking to solidify your candidacy?

A written hard copy testimonial or a name and phone number are no longer easily shared information. If you have this information, re-create the content online and ask the author to verify it to enable you to include your  recommendations within your online profiles. If you have not made the effort to obtain references and testimonials, it’s never too late to start! Don’t make it difficult for a potential employer to verify you are the right candidate for the job!

New Picture 62Whether managing your career or business, testimonials are a necessary component of your online presence.

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