How to refresh your outdated resume

How To Refresh Your Outdated Resume for 2020…

…to Get YOU the Interview

Today’s question is about how to refresh your outdated resume for 2020 to get YOU the interview. If you’ve had a resume for a long time, 10 or so years, and never updated it, that is a huge mistake because like everything in this world, things change and resumes from 10 years ago, even from five years ago have changed dramatically.  Most importantly, they aren’t initially read by human beings anymore; they are read by a scanning application. It’s called ATS – Applicant Tracking System.

How to refresh your outdated resume

Sadly, you could be counted out simply because you don’t meet the format that the ATS criteria have. Remove the responsibilities listed on your resume as we’ve evolved into a world that is performance-driven. Decision-makers are not interested in your responsibilities except for the number of people you manage and your budgets, etc.; they are interested in your accomplishments.

Ten or so years ago, you had these three words on your resume: three phrases actually; ‘objective’, ‘profile’, and this one makes me cringe, ‘References Available Upon Request’. You need to take those out.

And when a career decision-maker, somebody in the HR department or an executive recruiter, see them, it makes them cringe. And you aren’t delivering that initial impact…that WOW factor.  Ask a resume writer for a free, no-obligation resume critique, because if they’re a good resume writer they know what the current trend is and can help you refresh your outdated resume. They know what hiring decision-makers are looking for.

I’m an executive career management practitioner and executive resume writer and I can make you look seductive.  I have an offer for you. A free resume critique, and a LinkedIn audit. I will give you 30 minutes of my time, no obligation, no sales pitch, to go through your LinkedIn and your resume from top to bottom. Email me your resume on LinkedIn, or send it to me by clicking on the button below. I’d be happy to help you. Cheers!

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