The Hiring Process Explained...why haven't they called me back

The Hiring Process Explained…

I applied last week! Why haven’t they called me Back?

So the question today is, ‘I’ve applied on LinkedIn or Indeed last week, why haven’t I heard anything?’

If you’ve applied on Indeed or LinkedIn, the reason why you aren’t receiving that call immediately is that jobs are posted for a set length of time. Typically, it’s a minimum of three weeks, however, normally it’s four weeks and it can be up to six weeks.

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So if you place yourself at the beginning of that process, you apply today on a Monday, and it’s the first week in that advert on LinkedIn or indeed so you might not even hear for another six to eight weeks. If it’s a six-week run, what they do is they take all the candidates, and then at the end of that six weeks, they close the ad and then they spend a week or even two, and sometimes three assessing those candidates because they have a huge talent pool.  Probably in today’s world, they’ve got thousands of candidates to assess.

So, they may take two or three weeks to look over the candidates, and then they start calling the candidates that they think are perfect for that opportunity. But if you apply at the end of a posting and normally at the bottom of that posting, you can see when that’s going to close, you’re closer to hearing, and hopefully, you will hear back providing you have a dynamic resume and a sensational fully complete LinkedIn profile because they do a lot of due diligence when they’re looking for talent.

So hopefully you have the reasons why they don’t call you after a week or two; be patient.  You also need to not just rely on adverts. You need to look elsewhere and network. So, if you are in a career transition, I’d be happy to help you.  Please visit my website,, and my LinkedIn profile. I can help you reach your career goals.

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