How to Stay Positive During An Executive Job Search

During an executive job search, things might not go according to your pre-determined plan. Why should job search be different from the rest of life? Still, entering career transition can sometimes feel like stepping into a mine field, with hindrances that seem to block your advancement at every turn. This may generate feelings of unworthiness and “why me?”

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© Innovated Captures –

Don’t give in to this negativity. Reflect on the attributes and assets you can bring to the table. Consider the upsides of being downsized. Dismiss the concept of ageism. Forget about your looks, the glasses you wear, or your grey hair. Think about the benefits and value you bring over someone 20 or 25 years younger.

Ignore any deflating comments people make, and the ones you say to yourself. Instead, champion yourself to win.

Seek professional help. There are many job search and career transition coaches who have comprehensive knowledge of how to get you from A to B in the fastest possible way. They are trained to be supportive and listen intently to your needs, delivering positive messages to help you keep your head held high.

Humour can also be very beneficial through an executive job search, helping to deflect any insincerity or negative attitudes you may encounter. Go out to restaurants and bars and have fun with your friends, without conceding any of your full-time job search appointments.

Volunteering can also bring excitement to your life when you need it most, and can open up new opportunities through networking.

Gene Kelly’s performance of “Singing in the Rain,” portrays something like the situation you face during an executive job search. Nobody likes inclement weather, but he made the most of it by dancing and singing. What is your favourite cheerful song to boost your mood and steer you through a job search? Please share in the comments below.


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