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The Biggest Lies That Block Your Career Advancement

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Some lies come at you from other people. Others you tell yourself. Whichever the case, they can derail your career if you fall for them.

Here are the worst culprits:

“Things are going well at my job, so I’ll have it forever.”

We all hope that a job search is infrequent. However, as we become a disposable society, the truth is you could be given the pink slip tomorrow. Create your own career plan and exit strategy, and most importantly keep your resume up to date.

“I lost my job. No one will ever hire me again.”

Today there is no stigma attached to being in career transition. It’s a fact of life. Ignore the myths and skepticism from your mind that you aren’t employable, you’re too old, or you will find it difficult to integrate into a new culture.

Stay positive and think of the attributes and assets you can bring, and portray them in your executive resume, and in all your interpersonal conversations.

“That recruiter will find me a job.”

Eradicate the misnomer that recruiters will find you a job. Clearly understand what it means to work with a retained or contingency recruiter.

“All available jobs are posted and advertised.”

80% of available jobs are never posted to job boards or advertised in any way. Don’t let that fact discourage you. There are many ways to tap into this hidden job market.

In today’s economy, as the world rises above the recession into good economic times, it’s far easier to find a new and exciting appointment, or even transition into a brand new career at any age.

“I’ll just wing it. I’m sure they’ll give me the benefit of the doubt.”

First impressions count. Hiring authorities make an assumption about you within a few split seconds, so maintain a professional and consistent presence online, and match that with an updated resume in the correct format.

“If you pay me, I guarantee I will get you a job.”

Beware that there are some unscrupulous organizations that prey upon you during your downtime and pounce upon your vulnerability, charging a fortune at a time when money is a major concern. Watch this CBC Marketplace episode that exposed a despicable recruitment rip-off.

Don’t believe any of these lies. If you do the right things and stay on track, there is a job out there for you. The needle in the haystack that was so small during the recession a few years ago, is now a knitting needle that’s much easier to find.

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