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How to Uncover a Job’s Unwritten Requirements

Curiosity Moves You Forward Words Inqusitive Quest InformationAre you inquisitive? If so, this attribute will serve you well when applying for jobs. Being nosy or acting as a detective (my old profession), can deliver immense value as you go about unearthing the requirements that were not portrayed in the job posting.

When an HR executive writes the job specifications, they are limited in how detailed they can get. They may be far removed from the day-to-day happenings in the department or group with the opening. Therefore, much about the roles and responsibilities for this particular position could be missing.

In today’s world we have at our fingertips access to databases and social media with which to connect to key influencers in almost any industry, any company, or any country – all from the confines of our home office.

In reviewing a job posting, be inquisitive and use these tools to connect with the people who could become your new peers, employees, or even your boss. Open up a dialogue and ask them probing questions about the missing components in the job notice.

If the appointment is through an executive recruiter, often they have worked with that company many times before. That means they will already know a lot about the culture, work ethics, and much more. Prompt them for more background information.

Beware: Executive recruiters will be reticent to share such information if this search project is confidential and they cannot reveal the name of the company. This will be the case when the person presently in the role does not know they’re being terminated.

After you’ve gathered as much intelligence as you can from your connections and other sources, continue to scrutinize the job posting in detail. Try and read between the lines and assess other attributes and responsibilities not mentioned.

You now have an armory of tools for discussion during your job interview, which should always be a two-way street of communication. When you know more about the company and the job in question, this puts you firmly in the driver’s seat as a leading candidate for the position.


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