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Five People Everyone Needs in Their Career Support Network

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You’ll never walk alone is a very apt song when discussing your approach to job search and executive career management. After all, you are the leader of the team, the initiator of action, but you need people to surround you and support you as you embark in a new direction.

There is no limit to the vast support network you can build, but here are five people to make sure to include:

  1. Job search buddy

Seek out people who are also in career transition. You won’t have to look far – in the Greater Toronto Area more than 1,000 new people are downsized every single week.

Yet just because someone is in the same position as you doesn’t mean they will be a good source of support. Look for those who demonstrate positivity and engagement in embracing the challenge.

Here in the Greater Toronto Area, HAPPEN is a great networking group for people in career transition. For many years, this group has brought significant value to thousands in the same position as you.

  1. Cheerleader

Appoint a cheerleader to your team – somebody who can rally you during the ups and downs. Someone with whom you can discuss, in confidence, the challenges stemming from bad days, those times when you think you aren’t advancing.

Your cheerleader may be a friend, a family member, or a former work colleague, as long as they have an uplifting spirit. They may have gone through this process of career transition, or another difficult life experience.

  1. Mentor

A mentor can also bring deep value. This is somebody who currently works in your industry, maybe a leader in that field, who can provide you with information you would otherwise not know.

  1. Coach

People who are truly committed to career management are the ones who also make the investment to hire a career coach. Statistics tell us that a good career coach, executive coach, or job search coach can raise your morale, improve your chances of landing a new job, and increase your earning potential.

  1. Former work colleagues

For a successful job search and general career management, it is crucial not to burn your bridges. Too many professionals lose sight of and connection to their ex-colleagues and peers – people who have a wealth of knowledge and a vast network of influential contacts who could bring value to your career ambitions.

As you build your own job search support network, be careful who you select. After all, you want a winning team, not a losing team.

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