Christmas Ornament In Front Of Businessman Working At Desk

What Executive Recruiters Do Over the Holidays

Christmas Ornament In Front Of Businessman Working At DeskContrary to popular belief, hiring in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors continues through all 12 months of the year. While executive recruiters do take a break and seize a moment of downtime, you can bet their clients still have demands and hiring needs to be addressed.

Many companies have positions to fill as a result of year-end budget changes, and some are even in a rush to find new leadership talent. Executive recruiters need to play their part in screening viable candidates to fill these roles.

That means that many executive recruiters are in their offices between Christmas and New Year’s, working on leadership projects for their clients. They’re likely also using this time for research and business development, and to fill their automated tracking system (ATS) with resumes. This will give them a pool of talented candidates for positions coming available in 2016.

Most people assume that December is a down month. WRONG! It’s a great time to connect or reconnect with executive recruiters and other influencers before the hectic new year season begins. Of course this includes sending your own 2016 performance-driven and scannable resume.

Show executive recruiters that you are around, by being visible on social media and in particular LinkedIn. Keep sharing links or authoring your own blog posts, for all to read. Tip: Here are some helpful tips for coming up with new things to say on social media.

Networking online and in-person can bring tremendous value to you at all times of year. In these final days of 2015 when so many assume it is a quiet hiring period, ramp up your activities to attract attention from executive recruiters and influencers at your target companies. You’d be surprised at the interest and intrigue you can generate.

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