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The infinite number of job search resources available can be overwhelming! Recognizing those that will be of benefit will save you a significant amount time and help you to succeed in driving your career in the right direction. A financial investment for  professional services and memberships, provided you’ve done your due diligence to ensure the company or organization is reputable will most certainly provide positive results throughout your career. However, there are also many free resources available that also warrant your attention!

Networking is the most successful job search tool available and an indispensable resource in uncovering the hidden job market. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to network while in an elevator, standing in line at Tim Horton’s or attending a networking event. Those managing a successful career should consider memberships with networking organizations such as ExecuNet, offering a free associate membership or HAPPEN which offers an annual membership for a nominal fee.  If you are interested in attending networking events, HAPPENToronto ExecuNet and Senior ExecuNet all offer regular monthly meetings.

Monster and Workopolis are known for online job postings and provide an online venue to post your resume. As a job search resources there is a wealth of information; expert advice that could provide you with the key to succeeding in your job search. Many service providers offer free advice for managing your career as we do here at Elite Resumes including the opportunity to acquire a free resume critique. Check out MonsterThinking, a Monster blog, “exploring the complex world of work”. If you have special needs in your job search you may want to contact Northern Lights Canada and job searching provides lots of great advice from Alison Doyle.

Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook are all exceptional job search resources! There is no fee to establish a profile along with millions of others worldwide including companies, organizations, groups and recruiters. These social media sites are only three of many free job search resources available which will allow you to develop valuable networks and open the door to infinite opportunities.

One simple tweet on twitter could provide you with a connection you would like to follow and multiple job search resources.

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