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Online job boards, social media profiles, networking, interviewing, resumes, cover letters, personal branding and more! Today, a job search can seem absolutely overwhelming. What ever happened to handing a resume to the receptionist at the front desk of a company you were interested in and having a shot at an interview?

Times have definitely changed and the best way to incorporate these changes is to follow three job search steps beginning with step 1 which will form the basis of your job search; a professional resume. It is not difficult to find a Certified Professional Resume Writer but seeking out the qualifications of an executive career management professional also accredited in job search strategies, executive coaching and personal branding will assure you have the additional services available should you require them to clearly define your career path.

A professional resume will relay work history, impressive accomplishments and a personal brand. This will provide the content needed to move on to step 2, which is to establish a visible online presence with social media profiles on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. Cut and paste the data from your resume to create the content for each profile. Professional and consistent are the key factors that will influence being found and promoting your brand.

Once you have created a visible online presence which is necessary with over 80% of recruiters searching online for potential candidates, you are fully prepared for step 3; network, network, network. Engage in an active networking campaign on a local or if interested, on a global scale with those who have the ability to help you and those you are able to help. Actively research the unlimited information available on jobs, companies, connections, networking events, trends and pertinent information from experts, surveys and statistics.

If you are currently employed you may choose to maintain the following 3 steps to ensure you are fully prepared for your next career transition and generate potential opportunities as soon as possible.

  • Step 1 – Professional Resume
  • Step 2 – Visible Online Presence
  • Step 3 – Network, Network, Network

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