Speaking as a Leader

The next time you have the opportunity to speak, would you win an award for it? Speaking as a leader is critical if you wish to position yourself above the competition to advance in your career. The award or the prize, is the opportunity that could result from a great performance.

A senior executive in career transition may not be speaking in front of thousands of people but like the Stars at the Oscars, relaying a great performance is just as important. Any opportunity to speak, if only an introduction to one individual must be a compelling and seductive presentation to ensure you impress upon the listener your ability as an articulate, confident and professional executive. The flip side is a negative impression or no impression at all which eliminates any potential opportunities that could have resulted from the interaction.

Be prepared!  Be relevant!  Be enthusiastic! 

An introduction or an elevator speech must clearly articulate who you are, what you are looking for and what you have to offer. Consider your audience to ensure your message is of value to them to create a positive and lasting impression. In a job interview, a chance meeting or a presentation it may not be in your nature to  jump up and down but even a smile can be highly influential. A lack of reaction or passion is usually associated with a lack of interest.

Practice your performance! Few computers are without a web-cam and most cameras now have the capability to shoot a video so embrace these tools to rehearse your presentation. Will you win an award?

Inspired by a great blog post from Scott Eblin’s Next Level Blog, Six Leadership Do’s and Don’ts From Oscar Night with some great tips on speaking and the speeches that stood out from the rest.

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