Job Seekers Disagree With Recruiters

As a job seeker, is it in your best interest to disagree with recruiters? As with any endeavour, not exclusive to a successful job search, it is imperative to listen and learn! Whether you agree or not is not always relevant to achieving the intended goal. You can disagree with what recruiters are looking for but that won’t change the facts. If you want to succeed and generate as many opportunities as possible to ensure your career success don’t waste time deliberating over what you believe the recruiter should be looking for. A common sense approach to assist in a positive and productive job search would be to focus on ways to accommodate that which will have a positive influence on the majority of recruiters.

How Recruiters Read Resumes In 10 Seconds or Less by Brad Remillard of IMPACT Hiring Solutions generated lots of comments from those who agree or disagree. It appears the majority who agree are also recruiters and HR professionals and of course those who disagree are those who will depend on their decisions. Unless you are a highly sought after, senior executive it is unlikely that you will be the decision maker in whether or not you get a chance to interview for the job! To influence the decision maker the best advice is to listen and learn and ensure your resume presents the pertinent information that the recruiter is looking for.

Of course there will always be a variety of opinions from recruiters regarding what they are looking for in a  resume so again, common sense should prevail. Whether you agree or disagree, consider the opinions of the majority. Do you want to send out a resume that will impress 2% of recruiters because you agree with them or do you want to impress 98% and increase your chances in securing a job interview?

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