Still time to land your next job

There’s still time to land your next job before the competition explodes! Many North American job seekers are strongly influenced by our seasons, our holidays and our children. A limited summer season sees the cottage country population increase substantially and you can be assured that many in career transition are relaxing on the dock and have put their job search on hold. Holidays are important but why not seize this opportunity when the competition is greatly reduced to secure your next job and negotiate your holidays after you’ve landed!

Many parents are also busy preparing all that is necessary to ensure children are ready to head back to school, again taking them out of the job market and reducing the competition. Timing is everything and this is not the time to ignore a job search. Managing your time effectively to include an active job search could result in landing a job months ahead of those who choose to put it on hold until September.

Establishing an online presence, a recognized personal brand, an impressive professional resume, clearly targeting specific companies and networking are all necessary components of a successful job search. The time and effort required is consistent and unwavering but the summer months do provide a break in the competition so take advantage of the opportunity you have over the next  2 1/2 weeks. There’s still time to land your job while your competition has their job search on hold. Just think about how much more enjoyable your holiday will be when you have a job to return to!

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