Participation and Success

Business people shaking hands besides colleague at officeParticipating, learning, networking; all are sure to result in opportunities for success! Nick Ikonomou wrote, Ten Reasons Why People in Business Succeed:“1.They are willing to learn. The greatest learners become the best teachers. Never ending improvement, as the Kaizen principle insists, should be an individual’s primary goal in life. The only failure in life is the failure to participate. There are no right or wrong ways of doing things, each providing a result that can be assessed and worked on from the learning that the outcome provides.”

There is one mistake that many executives in career transition make after they land their next job; they choose to break ties with networking groups and connections which provided the support and resources that may very likely be the reason they are no longer in career transition. Why shun the people and organizations that assisted you to advance along your career path? The first error is to assume that you are at the end of your career path and the next is to use these resources and people to achieve your goals and walk away without giving back. Failure to participate is a decision to eliminate potential opportunities.

A recent email from a member of the Happen organization advised all members they had landed a new job but would continue their membership. Although a networking organization for many in career transition, this individual acquired their job by networking with another member who also chose to maintain their membership after being hired. For those who are not as giving or committed to paying it forward it is still in the best interest of your career to stay connected, continue networking and participate!

Removing your name from networking groups, dropping connections that likely helped you get your job and simply disappearing into a new position is a mistake. No job comes with a guarantee and establishing a professional network only to disengage after a new appointment could leave you in a difficult position if you find yourself back in career transition within a short period of time. Would it be a terrible thing if an organization or a connection provided you with a lead that resulted in another job offer while employed? Maintaining a professional network is simply a smart way to manage a successful career.

Toronto ExecuNet and Senior ExecuNet offer networking meetings for business leaders and senior executives to network on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Wednesday of each month. Visit ExecuNet for further information and to register online.

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