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Social media has presented a tremendous learning curve for some but with it an understanding that it has the potential to be a key component of success. For many others the emotional or psychological discomfort associated with establishing a public profile has led to a conscious decision to avoid it at all cost. Unfortunately, it could be a very costly decision. If you can’t be found or worse, the online results for your name show a less than reputable profile, you could be missing out on an opportunity of a lifetime.

Without an established online presence, it is still highly recommended that you google your name. The fact that you are not interested in your own online profile does not mean that someone else isn’t. Online searches to verify the identity, history, credibility, references and achievements of individuals continue to increase at an amazing rate. Not unlike investigating a new product, resort location or local service, our due diligence involves a background check into the value and authenticity of what is offered. As a business owner, you do not want to risk the only online results showing up to be that of a disreputable organization with the same name and lose out on potential sales.

If you are managing a career it is important to know that over 80% of recruiters and HR professionals are currently searching online for potential candidates. Not only has this become the norm, decision makers are also choosing to utilize online resources such as Linkedin in order to review testimonials and verify references.

If you do not claim your public profile you could miss out on opportunities for two simple reasons:

  1. You can’t be found
  2. You are mistaken for someone else

Here are 3 possible scenarios for those who have not claimed their public profiles:

  1. You recently attended a convention related to a personal interest hobby and made a significant impression on a well connected speaker. The speaker decides to look you up online with an offer that could take you out of a job you hate and transition you into the industry of your dreams but: you can’t be found or worse you are mistaken for someone else and it appears that you might have lied about who you said you were.
  2. A company executive remembers your name from a previous organization and believes you could be a potential candidate for a high profile position but: you can’t be found or worse, you are mistaken for someone who has been incarcerated.
  3. You have interviewed for a job and all that is left to secure your new position is a reference check. The results online fill the first page but all it verifies is that you could be a Russian girl from the Russian Brides Cyber Guide’s “Black List”, a scam girl! Will you get the job?

There is no cost to establish your online profiles but if you don’t claim your public profile you could be missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime, a position that could have saved months of unemployment,  your dream job, an invite to discover your life’s passion, the chance to connect with a dear friend or relative or perhaps, the love of your life!

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