Perks and Privileges

Companies have recognized that corporate perks and privileges impact work/life balance in a positive way and can attract and retain valuable employees. Years ago it might have been a substantial holiday bonus or paid health insurance, these days your potential employer may be getting far more creative.

Perks and PrivilegesOrganizations are getting serious about employee retention, so the list of innovative perks is growing, and so is the list of companies providing them. lists some of the best perks in the business world as catered meals, yoga classes, stipends for new families, and alternate Fridays off. Whiskey Fridays, oil changes, dry cleaning, live concerts, concierge services, generous parental leave, and exceptional family benefits are also listed as top perks by

When searching for a job, remember, interviews aren’t a one-way street. They’re a two-way conversation. Both sides of the interview table have the same goal, to seek a good fit. As a job seeker, while it’s important to focus on what value you bring to the company, don’t forget to ask questions about what the company offers in return!

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