Social Media Maintenance, How Much Is Enough?

When it comes to your career and brand there’s no use being passive. Be proactive. Many of the negatives that deter decision-makers are garnered when they see you weren’t engaged on LinkedIn or Facebook for weeks, or even months, before you began searching for a job. There’s no excuse to be dormant, hide in your cave, or be a couch potato. Your career management should be on your radar every day of the year, even while employed. All jobs are temporary and termination could happen at any time, so be proactive and be prepared to put your best foot forward.

There's no excuse to be dormant on social media, so how often should you post, like, or share? How much social media presence is enough?Do you have to post or log in daily? While that’s ideal, you should be updating at least once a week. If a weekly post seems daunting, remember it doesn’t have to be words of wisdom every time. Don’t have anything new to report or say? Consider a simple share of an article from Inc., Forbes, or your favourite business publication. Just a quick click of that “share” button if you’re impressed with an article is enough. It keeps your social media current and shows you are present, active, and engaged.

There’s no excuse. Manage your personal brand and your career by maintaining your presence on social media. Daily is ideal, but weekly is enough to establish your presence. An inspiring quote, interesting article, or a bit of news affecting your industry or interests is all it takes to stay current.

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