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It’s Monday Morning, How Do You Feel?

Mondays are a transition from play to work, a time to take stock. It’s Monday morning, how do you feel? Every Monday morning, half the population goes to work unhappy, some return from the weekend only to find they’ve been terminated, and others begin the week at a new job with new hopes.3

Take a moment on Monday mornings to reflect on how you feel about your job, career, and the path you’re currently travelling. Are you interested and engaged at work? Are you working up to your potential? Is your job secure? Could it be time to reach out to a executive recruiter or a career coach so you can change, appreciate, or advance your career?

A is a great Monday morning call: A coach can help you evaluate where you are, assist you in creating a path to where you want to be, and has knowledge and resources you need to move your career forward. So when you ask yourself that Monday morning question, you’ll like the answer!



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