Tips to Energize Your Executive Job Search

Tips for Your Executive Job Search

Tips to Energize Your Executive Job Search

If you find yourself in an executive job search unexpectedly or for an extended period of time, it is often overwhelming and disheartening, especially if you are not seeing the response  you hoped for.

In a prolonged job search, it is difficult to maintain the momentum and excitement that comes with the new possibilities of a job search. Therefore, there may be a time where you have to refresh your executive job search to continually invest your time and full effort.

Tips to Bring Energy into Your Executive Job Search and Maintain Your Motivation:

Assess Your Long-Term Goals

A job search is also a great time to ensure you are on the path to accomplishing your goals. In fact, it may be time to reassess your goals and truly consider the industry and positions you’re targeting to ensure they will help you pave the path you want in your career. This time of reflection may prove valuable  in deciding whether you wish to continue on this path or if you are ready to change the direction of your career.

Reformat Your Resume

Decision-makers read hundreds of resumes; therefore, it is beneficial to set yours apart and stand out from the rest. Think of your resume as a story, and, through it, tell the story of your career—your experiences, your skills, your values, and your expertise. Showcase the relevant details of your career that illustrate how you will contribute to your next team and stand out in your executive job search.

Consider How You Can Boost Your Personal Brand

First, pause and evaluate whether your personal brand is consistent. From your email address to your values, be sure  you have uniformity. Then, consider options to boost your personal brand. Are there ways to showcase your expertise besides your resume? Utilize social media to get your voice, ideas, and knowledge out there to set yourself apart as someone who is not only informed but also passionate about the work you do.

Be Found on Social Media

Professional social media platforms such as LinkedIn are highly beneficial in reducing a prolonged job search. Through LinkedIn, you can connect with professionals within your industry and others if you choose to expand your search and focus on referrals to penetrate the hidden job market vs lingering on job boards. Therefore, it is in your best interest to invest time in networking to promote yourself, your personal brand, and land the job you desire. Just be sure to avoid these LinkedIn profile mistakes that can cost you.

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