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Building Your Personal Brand By Helping Others

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In recent years, the psychology of recruitment has changed dramatically. Hiring decision makers screen and evaluate you through a variety of channels, including your resume, cover letter, and social media profiles. You are viewed as a product, with your own unique value and personal brand.

A job search is a street race and the checkered flag is down. It’s no use laying on the couch or being a dormant character in today’s competitive environment, where you must instantly distinguish yourself from the others in the race. You must be proactive, or even at times aggressive, in marketing the brand of YOU.

A well-thought out personal brand that resonates with the audience can boost your confidence and bring clarity to who you are.

Some people are renowned as thought leaders – experts in their own field who portray their knowledge by initiating and participating in discussions, and share their expertise through a variety of medium including blogging. They also re-post content from authoritative and trusted sources in order to fortify and advance their brand.

Others become known through their helping efforts, developing a reputation for caring while sharing. Once you’re in the mindset of being helpful, you will see a multitude of possibilities open up in your day. Many of them won’t take more than a few minutes, for example:

  • If a recruiter approaches you with an opportunity that isn’t quite a fit, refer them to one of your colleagues. You’ll assist both parties and create goodwill all around.
  • Listen closely as people talk about their interests and needs. Do you know of a resource or person that could move them ahead on their goals? Share it!
  • Did you have a positive experience with a business or person? Write an online review or recommendation.

With larger blocks of time, you can offer more substantial forms of service such as volunteering for an organization, serving on the board of your professional association, or mentoring an up-and-coming professional in your industry.

You may also want to enhance your brand by aligning yourself with charities and organizations you believe in and want to support. You can do this by giving in a more public way, and using your platform to encourage other people to join you. There are many well-known celebrities whose brands have become synonymous with giving, such as Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey.

Who has been most helpful to your career management? How did they help? Share your stories below, or on our LinkedIn or Facebook page.


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