Your Professional Avatar/Photo

FaviconYour professional avatar is the image you choose to represent you online. If you are a professional in search of a job it is important to portray a professional photo of yourself. The following article,  What Does Your Twitter Avatar Say About You? provides an interesting analogy of the type of people associated with the avatars they choose.

For those who choose not to upload an avatar, Joel Postman says it indicates a new user, spammer, or both, or too private or too lazy. “You have some deep issues, either manifested in sociopathic dishonesty or a paralytic unwillingness to commit.” Although you may not totally agree with Joel Postman, you do need to acknowledge that to many others you are generating a negative impression. If you are in career transition in 2009, it is expected that you have some experience and knowledge of online etiquette and it is always in your best interest to create a positive first impression. What impression does your avatar send? 

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