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certified social media career strategist print11For those currently managing a senior executive career, it is agreed that a professional online presence is a necessary requirement for a successful career in 2012. Professional profiles on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook Pages are without a doubt the absolute minimum necessary to establish your online presence. Authentic, genuine, transparent; these are the key attributes to establishing a respected and credible personal brand. Recruiters and HR professionals will use your contact information from your resume to conduct an online search and verify details. Are you connected to the company’s you have been employed by? Have you included accreditation’s and links to colleges or universities attended? Have you managed your recommendations? Google profiles, blog sites and other professional networking sites also offer the ultimate opportunity to further enhance a clear, consistent and credible representation of YOU!

cert prof resume writerAlthough a strong Internet presence is critical to any professional seeking to advance in their career, there is still one very important document which is an absolute must and that is a Professional Resume! Why? Because it is the core of your job search strategy and could very will be the source for contact information and search criteria. Perhaps you have excelled so well at establishing your personal brand online that you have simply been discovered by an interested potential employer? That’s great but you will still be asked to submit your resume prior to an interview! An experienced Certified Professional Writer has the expertise to uncover your most influential achievements and qualifications; those same key attributes a potential employer is looking for. Your resume should be updated and ready to send at every available opportunity. When you pay a professional to compose this most valuable and influential document, you are receiving a document which will be highly regarded by HR professionals and Recruiters but also one which will provide most of the content necessary to establish a professional online presence. It is the consistency of content in your resume and online profiles which will ensure a credible and professional impression.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a professional resume in today’s job market! The most significant change in the past 15 years is not the relevance of a resume but simply that sharing it is now most often done online rather than as a paper document.

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