Fear Not – Social Media

There are many reasons for putting things off  but when referring to social media, is it possible that your procrastination is fuelled by fear? The term “social media” is one which still generates a blank look from many. Although everyone knows what Facebook is, social media tends to be associated with some kind of complex fad. It is anything but a passing fad and it has become a mandatory component in successfully managing any career or business. A simple explanation of the term may help to provide a better understanding and assist in dispelling some of the fear that may be associated with the use of social media.

“Media” is simply a medium of communication. We are familiar with print media, which is the communication or sharing of information via newspapers and magazines. Social media is the use of Internet-based applications such as Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Naymz, Quora, FourSquare, Plaxo, to list only a few of the thousands of sites that provide the ability to create and exchange information online. These applications, or social media sites, provide an environment for interactive dialogue on any level with the potential to influence millions!

Understanding what social media is may not relieve all of your reservations but fear not, social media sites will continue to evolve with an open forum of information provided by users influencing the need for ease of use and enhanced security settings. Mobile apps are also making it easier to remain connected. Businesses are realizing the phenomenal return on investment utilizing social media to provide amazing offers on products and services and over 80% of recruiters are searching online for potential candidates. Social media is an amazing collaboration from millions of contributors which creates an unlimited source of opportunity!

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