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A job search can be a highly emotional journey and a time when you will want to avoid any investments that will not provide a substantial ROI. Obtaining professional advice or services is a critical resource in a successful job search but it is important to exercise your due diligence in your selection.

If you’ve been in your job search for awhile you are aware that there is by no means any shortage of job search advice and services. You may also know by now that there are many organizations willing to accept a substantial payment and in return will promise to find your dream job. There are two words to ensure you make no mistake when choosing professional job search advice or services; CERTIFIED and REPUTABLE.

When seeking professional advice for your job search ensure the individual has the appropriate accreditation’s and obtain a reference. Do not proceed without investigating recommendations and testimonials. If they are reputable it will be an easy task to verify.

The Career Collective is an online community of expert career advisers and resume writing professionals. Each month these experts provide valuable information to assist job seekers to gain the competitive edge necessary to succeed in the current job market. For professional advice in your job search visit:

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