Do THIS right after you lose your job

Do THIS Right AFTER You are Terminated

Part 2 of 3

Today we’re going to talk about what to do if you’re terminated. This is number three of the three-part series.

Now you’re ready to execute a plan. It’s a full time appointment. A job search is not to be treated lightly. You want to get back to work in the fastest possible way. So embrace a full time job. Think of it as is you are going to work every morning but your work is to find work.

Laid Off Terminated Fired 1

Think about who are the top 35 or 45, or pick a number preferably more than 35 employers that you want to go and work for.  Target somebody who would be your boss or your boss’s boss at that particular company. Why I am telling you this is because you are a product, and you are sending that product to the market. You are selling yourself to that market. That market is smaller right now because we’re in a recession, but even in good times, you’re still a product. And you’re sending that product to the market.

The bulk of the jobs, doesn’t matter where you are in the world, are hidden. You need to be a detective. You need to go and seek and search those jobs. Here in Canada, where I am right now, only  8% of jobs are advertised. That includes all the job boards, all the national newspapers and all the corporate websites. Then 12% – 13% is executive recruiters. And the rest is hunting…selecting. Who do you want to go and work for?  This is going to while away hundreds of hours looking for that person who would be your boss or your boss’s boss. 

The key to your success is going to be networking. You need to get out and network. If you’re allowed to get out, we’re in COVID right now so we can’t to get out too much, but in good times, you need to actually shake the hands. Yes. Remember that – shake the hands of three new people every day.  These days, you can meet them on Zoom or hunt them down on LinkedIn, or on various other social media platforms such as Twitter. If you’re a sales or marketing professional, you have to be on Twitter and you need to be on Facebook. Facebook is becoming increasingly used as a search tool by people who are looking for talent, just like you.

Social Media

Embrace social media and embrace that long day of job hunting. The more you put into it, the more rewards are going to come your way.

So now you’re probably getting traction after a number of weeks, or a number of months, but hopefully a number of weeks. Now you’re getting to the interview stage. You need to practice those interviews. You need to know what the questions are going to be asked, but before you need to do your research on that company, with the advent of the internet in the last 20 years, there’s a whole slew of information on every company available. Initially Google them and go through all those pages. Look for the corporate culture. That’s very, very important.

Here’s a tip. You need to network with somebody. who’s not going to be your boss or your boss’s boss, but works at that company or has worked at that particular company.  And that’s where LinkedIn is going to be invaluable. And you need to have a dialogue with them. You need to network with them and ask them all about the corporate culture. What do they talk about and what are their products and their services? What is their future? Because they will know. And then you can talk about that in an interview.

It’s a Two-way Street

An interview, by the way, is a two-way street. It’s not just them asking you questions. You need to ask them questions. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an individual interviewer or a panel, come armed with interview questions, questions that you are going to want to know the answer to. It’s a dialogue. It’s a meeting of the minds. Basically, it’s a conversation to see whether you are a fit. If you are, then hopefully you will go through several rounds of interviews and you will get a job offer.

Now You’ve Got a Job Offer

Now, if you got a job offer, don’t immediately accept it. Take some time to review it. And here’s another tip for you. We are in a very transitionary society. So you will probably be terminated eventually. Canned, let go, laid off, some other time down the road, maybe three or four, five, six, seven, or eight, nine years. It’s important that you get your exit written into that job.

So I would suggest that you go and see an employment lawyer who for an hour’s fee would be a very good investment. You will get your exit package. I know it seems reverse. It doesn’t come naturally to many people, but this is the way of the world. Now you need to get your exit package written into that job offer. And most people will accept that. Most employers will accept that. But however, very few initially, initially write into that contract.

Hopefully, you’ve got many, many ideas from this three-part series. One thing I want to leave you with is you need to manage your career. It’s not just when you’re in termination when you’re being terminated in your career transition. I didn’t call it unemployment. I call it career transition. It sounds better. So you’re in career transition, but you also always, 24/7, 365, in charge of your career.  Manage your career from today onwards. I’ve been in this business now, 26 plus years. I’ve seen people who manage their careers, advance a lot faster and deal with that headache, that stress of a career transition a lot better than people who don’t manage their careers.

Keep Your Resume Up-to-Date

You need to have your resume up to date. I would suggest every six to eight months, definitely within a year. You need to bring your resume up to date because look at it the other way…if you’re gainfully employed, a recruiter could tap on your shoulder and say, Joe, I have the perfect job for you. Where is your resume? And if you haven’t got an up to date, resume, you’re stranded. And what does that recruiter going to think of you? Have your resume up to date, and this is really crucial.

Have a profile on LinkedIn. Don’t just leave it. And then next time you’re in career transition activate it again…share and make comments. You are a product you always need to sell that product to the market. And that marketplace is LinkedIn recruiters. They are always are actively looking for talent, just like you on LinkedIn. What’s the message you going to send if you’ve got a very outdated or, incomplete LinkedIn profile. So do yourself a favor, manage your career from today forward.

I can help!

If you are in career transition, I’d be happy to help you. I am passionate about helping you reach your career goals and so I have an offer for you, a free resume critique, and a LinkedIn audit. I will give you 30 minutes of my time, no obligation, no sales pitch, to go through your LinkedIn and your resume from top to bottom. However, I will tell you, I am tough. I say it as it is. I will tell you how to eliminate any red flags and have a bank of green flags. That means you will sail through your job search and through your career transition. Are you interested? If so, email me your resume on LinkedIn, or send it to me by clicking on the button below. I’d be happy to help you. Cheers!

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