Do THIS right after you lose your job

Do THIS Right AFTER You are Terminated

Part 1 of 3

Today, we’re going to talk about what to do If you’re terminated. This is video/post number one of a three-part series.

What is Termination?

People have different interpretations of what a termination is. People have different mindsets. It can be firing, or maybe it’s canning or it can be dismissing. Basically, it’s you being laid off from a company, not because of your performance generally, but it’s a very traumatic experience. Lots of emotions are going to flow through you. You need to exude and to express those because if you have them bottled up inside you, that won’t be good for your future job search. Try not to show desperation. You want to march on confidently and eloquently, and you need to know what to do.

Laid Off Terminated Fired 1

Some people feel bad about themselves. They ask all those probing questions such as ‘Why me?’ Well, sadly, it’s not just you. It’s probably 99% it’s a business decision. They need to slim down in good times as well as right now, in bad times. They need to strip assets and to save money and human resources are very costly. So it’s not against you. Don’t take it personally, but yes, it’s okay to vent all that anger…that rage.

Friends and Family can Help

Use your friends, use your family to least open discussion, and have a conversation. They will understand as some of them may have been terminated. So they understand that what you need to do though is to tell your spouse and your family. Don’t keep it hidden because this is very important for your personal life, as well as your business life. So tell your spouse that you’ve been terminated and then you need to discuss finances and all sorts of different things that go with that with her or him.

You need to march on confidently once you’ve exuded or expressed all that emotion.

Review Your Severance

First thing first, you’ve told your spouse, you’ve told your family, you’ve got that off your mind. You then need to review your severance. Here’s a tip for you…never, ever sign your severance offer at the exit interview. They may want you to and they’ll even put a little bit of pressure on you to sign it because it’s in their own interests, but it’s in your own interest to take time, take that severance package, review it personally, review it with friends and family and better still go and see an employment lawyer because often they expect you to come back for a little bit more.  

Country-based laws, employment laws vary dramatically, so make sure that when you are terminated, you get what you’re owed in your particular country, state or province.

So the three tips from this initial video/post are: Number 1 of what to do when terminated is express all your anger, your rage within your own environment. Cool it down. Get your emotions calm before you move on to anything else. Next, review your severance and tell your spouse, and your family that you’ve been terminated. It’s not an illness. It’s a fact of life. And finally, review your severance, review it with an employment lawyer.

Now watch for video/post number two in this series.

Have you been terminated?

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