Facebook Not So Bad!

Not only is Facebook not so bad, establishing a Facebook Page could significantly increase your success if you are a professional managing a career or representing a business, organization or a cause. Misconceptions regarding age and privacy are still prevalent but the facts are available to dispel any concerns. The following quote is representative of the tremendous impact that Facebook has had!

“Until Facebook came along, there was hardly anywhere on the public internet that you had to operate with your real name.” David Kirkpatrick Author of The Facebook Effect

Facebook has truly been the driving force behind an authentic, genuine online presence. Of course there will always be those who will lack professionalism and post inappropriate content online but the opportunity is also there to recognize those who are mature, professional and accountable. Social media has changed the way we “do business” and it is that very thing, the transparency and engagement that is generating influential and positive results.

A reputable and talented professional with an exceptional track record has the ability to share that information linking it to companies, organizations and testimonials supported by other validated profiles. Businesses that are not interested in engaging clientele or lack a human presence will no longer gain the credibility needed to entice customers. As Facebook nears 700 million users, sharing their profiles, opinions, likes and dislikes, it continues to enhance the most powerful influence in our society, “word of mouth”!

Whether you are pursuing an executive career or an entrepreneurial endeavour a Facebook Page could add to your success. Keep in mind that your Facebook Profile is not the same as your Facebook Page. Review professional pages, including the Top 50 Branded Facebook Fan Pages, June 2011 by Jim Tobin to understand the difference and then decide which type of Facebook Page will best suit your needs. Canada AMFacebook Page

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