How Not to be Found!

It appears that much advice in establishing a visible online presence to generate opportunities for success in your career or business is not getting through. If the question needs to be asked, “where are you?”, it is very likely the effort to find you will be abandoned. It seems that even those who have established long time web sites are providing examples of how not to be found.

A recent search of a professional who sent an email with a link brought up a HTML page that contained absolutely no contact data and no name. The company name was used to do a google search and although a web site was found, again there were no links to anything. No contact data, no name, no social media links. This is how not to be found!

If you do not have a Linkedin profile, you are not among over 100 million professionals networking and sharing opportunities and you won’t be found. If you have developed a profile but failed to include any further contact details, you still may not be found if a recruiter prefers to pick up the phone or use email.

HR professionals wishing to verify the various causes you said you supported in a job interview but couldn’t find results in the news media will likely look to Facebook for verification. If you do not have a Facebook profile or Page, you won’t be found!

Submitting a resume is usually done in the hope that someone at the receiving end will respond. Despite this intent resumes are submitted every day without phone numbers, email addresses or Linkedin addresses. You can be assured that without this basic information there will be no response and you will not be found!

Networking in person is as critical to your success as networking online but attending an event without sharing a business card providing adequate contact data is just one more example of how not to be found!


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