How did you leave your last job?

Stressed business womanIf you left your last job with references, ensured an open door should the company require your expertise in the future and then topped that off with a little remuneration, you are clearly focusing on your future and the positive steps necessary to establish a successful career path.

Not all employees will get through their careers without finding themselves at odds with a superior and usually damage is done when tempers flare. Gretchen Rubin wrote, “Six Questions To Help You Keep Your Cool — Instead Of Losing Your Temper” and one question in particular stood out, “Am I improving the situation?”. How you choose to deal with a difficult or emotional situation is worth careful deliberation especially when it could have a negative impact on your future.

Many people don’t seem to be aware of the full extent of damage that may result from leaving the employment of an employer on a bad note. Once the bridge is burned there is usually no way to turn back, no chance of a future opportunity extending from the organization and a red flag is added to your job history that will have the potential to negatively influence decision makers for the rest of your career!

If a personal feeling of satisfaction is garnered from tendering your resignation over a dispute with your boss, you can be assured that it will be short lived. If you thought the organization would suffer, think again. Recently a company made arrangements to pay a substantial fee to an outplacement organization to terminate an employee and provide them with a wide range of professional services to assist them in their job search. In addition to the thousands paid out for outplacement services, the company was also requried by law to provide a severance package, which could also be valued in the thousands of dollars. The day before the termination was to take place the employee became involved in a tiff with their boss and resigned on the spot. Of course this employee has no idea what they walked away from but the company saved a great deal of time and money. How did you leave your last job?

If you are considering resigning from your job for any reason, do not leave on a bad note. If you are terminated, do your best to negotiate a favourable outcome. If you are laid off, do not take it personally and be sure you ask for references. Show your appreciation for the opportunities you were given and advise your interest in any future openings. The decisions you make in your job today will have an influence on the future of your career.

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