Twitter Lists

If you have not yet created your profile on Twitter, you are missing out on the 2nd most popular social media site available. It’s easy to use! It’s free! It’s real time! It has over 200 million users! It has influenced the election of a President, saving a rain forest, a new wheelchair, accountability from corporations, money raised for a good cause, jobs, friends, news, information and so much more!

Give careful consideration to your username when you create your profile as it will become your twitter address;,, This is the link you will share with other social media sites, such as Linkedin or Facebook. Your username is also the name displayed on each tweet or post you make and the address used on Twitter for those wishing to send you a message, @BarbaraMackie, @MartinBuckland and @EliteResumes. The lists that are created will be displayed as an extension of that name, @BarbaraMackie/social-media or @BarbaraMackie/career-professionals. 

Twitter Lists provide an opportunity to manage the vast number of people and organizations that you will follow. Not only will you create lists to put your followers on, those following you will be adding you to their lists. You may discover that you are not clearly portraying your brand if you are ending up on a list of engineers when your expertise is actually in sales and marketing.

Twitter Lists          

Not only are you able to create any list you like, you also have the option of following lists that have been created by others or to select those you wish to follow from their lists. Lists may also be created as a public list for all to see and share or as a private list. When you select Following or Followers a list is provided and to the right of each is the choice to Follow or Unfollow and next to it is the drop down box to select the list you would like to add them to.

Whether you choose to create a professional list, such as job sites or a personal list that provides you with the latest tweets from all the top musicians, Twitter Lists will assist in optimizing your use of Twitter.


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