Mistakes Forgiven But How Many?

At one time or another we have all made spelling mistakes or grammatical errors and as such are usually open to forgive the odd one but if it is an obvious, complete and total, lack of attention to detail, disregard for the English language and absence of professionalism, it is not acceptable and should not be tolerated or forgiven.

Getting the message across is important and as much as I am opposed to the school curriculum today which teaches children to focus on the story and not to worry about spelling and grammatical errors, I do understand the emphasis on encouraging the development of expression and creative abilities. However, in my personal opinion, I believe our children are much more intelligent and capable than our school board does and have the ability to express themselves creatively and learn to spell and use proper grammar all at the same time! My daughter, an amazing writer of stories and poetry, graduated from Grade 8 with a Certificate in Literacy as well as an indifference to proper spelling and grammar.

Whether we blame our education system or our dependence on spell check programs, it is clear that the complacency regarding spelling and grammar mistakes needs to be addressed before we lose the ability to communicate altogether entirely. In a world of emails, texts and blogs, it is more urgent than ever that the message we send is a clear one and one which is free from spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Proper spelling and grammar are directly attributable to our ability to articulate properly and professionally. It is very likely that those carrying on a conversation and mispronouncing words such as acrossed, drownd or expresso would not do so if they had learned how to spell them correctly. Grammatical errors such as, please send it to Lauren and I rather than to Lauren and me, which is correct, are all too common.

The following email was received today and should further highlight the urgency of this issue:

Subject: Re: I have a couple of full time opportunity for a Busienss System Analyst
and i am wodnering if you know anyone who might be interested in it?

Hello xxxx,
How are you today? Hope all is well on this beuatiful day. I had two opprtunities for a BSA with (SDLC experience), two each in the Domains of Foreign Exchange or Derviatives (Capital Markets), for a Bank in downtown xxxx. 3 Years Domain with systems knowledge for intermediates and 5+ Years for a Snenior. So I though I would ask to see if you know anyone interested in it?
If you know anyone intereisted in any of these, please have them contact me, and I thank you in advance for any considerations that you may have in this matter!!

xxxx, President
H.B.Sc., M.Sc.Phm., Ph.D.

The time and effort necessary to avoid these blatant errors in spelling and grammar is negligible. Please use the resources that are so readily available in order to correct these mistakes; too many to forgive!

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