4 Job Search Tips

4 Job Search Tips

I’m here today in Parliament Square, one of the most famous squares in London to talk about my four job search tips.

  1. Have an updated resume. You would think that simple, wouldn’t you? But not a lot of people do, sadly, or they don’t even know how to write a resume. It’s quite complex, because resumes are not just read by human beings. They’re read by scanning machinery called ATS (automated tracking system). You can never be the computer, but you can at least try and match a computer. So be sensitive to what the computer is screening for.
  2. Have a complete, striking, and impactful LinkedIn profile. This profile is without pages, unlike your resume, so complete it out to the fullest. Give as much information to the reader as you can and fill in all of the sections.
  3. Continue to build and retain your network. This is going to be crucial to your career management and career advancement. In your job search, you should be meeting three new people every day and actually shaking their hands.
  4. Be an informed candidate. Try and market yourself as a subject matter expert. You are skilled in something and market it well. What does that tell people who are reading your LinkedIn profile? It tells them you’ve been nominated by your peers for an executive position within your industry related association. Plus, it broadens your network and you may be able to go on to other networks and build and retain further relationships, which could be crucial in your career.

Do you have any questions about your job search strategies? Give me a call or email me to discuss tactics.

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