The Recession is Good for You?

Yes, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur writes, 7 Reasons Why The Recession Is Good For You. This year will certainly be remembered by some as one of economic despair, which is why it is necessary to focus on the positive whenever possible. It is not healthy to be surrounded by the amount of negative hype that has been emanating from every feasible media outlet day after day, night after night! Check out these “7 reasons the recession is good for you” from the TP Entrepreneur:

1.  Tough times help you monitor your cash flow like a hawk

2.  Focus on personal friendships

3.  Make better choices about spending money.

4.  Experience memorable but simple entertainment with family

5.  Forces you to cut the “fat” out of your life and business

6.  Tough economies force you to innovate

7.  Spend more time at home eating home cooked meals

Make a conscious decision to look for the positive. It’s out there and it can help you ride the waves in this stormy economy.

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