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Setting Your Personal Branding Goals For 2016

2016 goals - New Year resolution concept - isolated text in vintage letterpress wood type printing blocks on a laptop screen with a cup of coffeeAs 2016 swiftly approaches, corporations are busy planning their marketing efforts for the new year. Are you following suit? If not, you should give some time and effort to thinking about your own marketing and your personal brand.

Here are three steps that will help you set your personal branding goals for 2016:

Step One: Decide what you want to be known for

What is your reputation in your workplace and industry? Is it good? Is it bad? Is it mediocre? Is there something new you did in 2015 that has enhanced your reputation?

Solicit feedback from your company colleagues and your industry peers, as well as customers and vendors, family and friends. Brainstorm about your value and what you bring to a future employer. Understand the competitive edge that will entice hiring decision makers to show an interest in you.

If the answers still aren’t coming, it may be time to refresh your career plan, or invest in a career assessment.

Step Two: Craft marketing materials that reinforce your desired personal brand

Your career plan and assessment results can be invaluable for creating the marketing materials that will support your career goals. They can also serve as a cheat sheet for your resume, cover letters, biography, and social media profiles.

Be sure your messages are consistent across all platforms.

Step Three: Schedule how and when you will show up online and in person

Career management and personal branding go hand in hand. And yes, both can be time consuming. But that investment in time pays huge dividends in lowering career transition times and elevating your appeal to future employers.

This consistent visibility will also boost your confidence and your ability to articulate a clear, concise, resonating, and memorable personal brand.

Make time daily for social media monitoring and networking. Manage your time and stay focused on career advancement activities. Make time weekly for in-person networking, and aim to show up consistently at the same events and groups so you gain visibility and forge deeper relationships.

Once you’ve defined and honed your message, you need to be confident in the delivery on paper, via the web, and even more so in person. Rehearse your personal brand messages (such as your infomercial introduction) to a trusted confidant or alone at home, before you venture out into the world where many ears are listening.

Career influencers make their judgments of us within a few seconds. So don’t think you only need to take a few seconds to prepare the image you project to the world.


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