Words – Key, Buzz, Tagline

Networking is the most important component of a successful job search and utilizing social media sites such as Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter provide the potential to network with millions, establish a visible presence and acquire an abundance of information at the push of a button making it the ultimate resource for anyone interested in managing a successful career. However, to utilize these valuable networking sites to the optimum, the words you use must be carefully considered to ensure your professional profile presents an accurate and positive influence.  When networking face to face it is understood that a firm handshake, eye contact, open arms and a confident demeanour contribute to a positive and professional first impression. Recognizing the importance of these attributes is relative to the consideration that is warranted for the words you choose to display in your online profile.

Keywords, buzzwords and the words used to create a tagline will define your brand and contribute to the success of search results. Consistency in content lends to credibility, specific industry related keywords will ensure search engine optimization and a well thought out tagline will assist in establishing your unique brand.  Sue Horner, wrote Overused buzzword or resume requirement and says, “Your profile should sound more like the things you’d say at a networking event.”

Career professionals are asking, what is the one word that describes “you”? That one word, keywords, buzzwords and taglines are all critical components in establishing your unique brand. These words used in your professional resume and social media profiles will provide decision makers with a clear representation of all that you are. Create your lists  including hard skills, soft skills, work history, accomplishments and industry related keywords. Choose one word from each list that best describes you. Could they form the basis for your tagline?

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