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Interested in a Corporate Board Position? Start With Charity!

If you’re interested in a Corporate Board position, start with a charity. There are many not-for-profit organizations needing volunteer leadership. Serving on the Board of a community foundation or smaller charity can lead to a seat on the Board of a non-profit which manages millions in funds, giving you experience while you give back to your community or cause. Interested in a Corporate Board Position? Start With Charity!

Get Your Employer On Board

Do make sure your current employer is on board, as a Board position for even a small non-profit can be time-consuming. Most employers are pleased to have you serve, as it increases their reputation for charitable works while it polishes valuable skills in their employee.

Find A Worthy Non-Profit Board

Not sure where to find the right non-profit for you? Take a look at, an organization that matches people with skillsets to the charities that need those skills.

Find A Corporate Board

Once you’ve demonstrated competence and experience in the not-for-profit side of Board responsibilities, you’re ready to add those skills to your resume and begin a job search for the right Corporate Board position for your skills and interests. Executive Recruiters love seeing Board experience on your resume, as it is a great selling point!

Board Cover Letter and Board Resume

Be aware that a Board Resume and Board Cover Letter are very different from a standard resume and cover letter. Not sure of the difference? I specialize in Board Resumes, and can help you pull together the right information in a format that will catch the eye of hiring influencers on any Board candidate search.

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