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Why You Need a Career Coach, Even When Employed

business coachIt horrifies me to see people soul searching when they have been terminated or dismissed. Sadly, a career coach is only seen as a last resort in response to events like this, when in fact, having a career coach throughout your work life can reap significant rewards and deliver extraordinary ROI.

We rely on many trained professionals to guide us through life – doctors, personal trainers, accountants, mechanics, and others. Yet only a very small percentile of the population engage a career coach.

We know we need help with our health, finances, and keeping our car on the road, but when it comes to our jobs people wrongly assume that if your career is going smoothly today, you will have a job for life.

Having a job today does not guarantee you will have a job tomorrow. Are you prepared to be unemployed? Do you know the direction you want to take for your next opportunity? Collaborating with a career coach can boost your morale, let alone unleash and uncover numerous options for growth and opportunity.

Generally, a well-trained career coach is also well-networked and well-versed in the employment market. They will be there to support you through the ups and downs, ins and outs of career management.

A good career coach will hold you accountable for your actions and will be there to navigate through the challenges as you assume more demanding roles and are promoted from either within or externally.

A career coach is a confidential collaborator. The coaching relationship should be one where you can freely express where you want to go, supported by valuable input from an expert.

Do you know the top 20 or 30 employers for whom you would next like to work? Do you have a documented job search plan? Do you know your value proposition? Is your resume in the 2016 format? If not, consider conducting some due diligence on finding a career coach to be a partner in your executive career management.

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