Your Resume is the Passport To A GREAT Career

Your Resume is the Passport To A GREAT Career

So today we’re going to be talking about your passport to a great career.

So I have my passport. It’s here. I’m lucky that I hold two. I have my British passport and I have my Canadian one. 

Resume is a passport ot a GREAT career

A passport is your identification. So is a resume. It identifies you as a person. Everyone who carries a passport is unique. And everyone who carries a resume is unique in a resume. You need to market yourself as unique. It’s all part of your career journey, just like a passport. It opens doors to new avenues, new journeys and new countries. You must update your resume just like you have to update your passport depending on which country you live in.  Sometimes it’s yearly. Sometimes it’s every five years, and I’m very lucky where I live here in Canada and the UK, it’s every 10 years.  You should always update your resume just like you do your passport.

Your resume is your passport to your career. Update it.

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