What are you paying for?

It is unfortunate that there are many organizations with a much greater interest in taking a customer’s money than they are in providing the services they are offering. Recently a client shared their horrific tale of hiring an executive career change organization with the expectation of a resume and a job. The fee was $12,000 and like many others, the $10,000 or $12,000 fee did not net them a job from this U.S. based company. A Toronto based company charging a $5,000 fee and changing their name on a regular basis has also left many feeling ripped off and without the job they were promised!

If a company is promising you a job for a fee, do not engage their services! Reputable, qualified and certified individuals provide individual services for a fee that could lead to a job but the decision to pay for these professional services should only be made after a thorough investigation outside of their website or organization. Start with Rip Off Report.  Review certifications, experience and references. Network to obtain recommendations from satisfied friends or colleagues.

A reputable supplier will have references, significant experience and certifications. If you don’t understand what you are buying don’t pay for it! Social Media services are abundant but it is blatantly apparent that most of the services do not include any consulting or education but simply a signed contract for a year of auto tweets. If you have 2 Followers on Twitter, this is a total waste of money and the person selling it should be ashamed to do so! It should also be understood that a personal investment in your business or online profiles is key to establishing credibility.

Another company providing the website and hosting for a client set up a site with a contact me link that did not link to the contact information page. An online search found the individual associated with the company listed as an Online Expert. I note this simply to point out the fact that the website did not contain any links to any online information; not Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter!

If you are dealing with a supplier who has little time or interest in educating you with detailed information about the product or service they are providing consider this a red flag and avoid taking the risk of being ripped off.

Do you know what you are paying for?


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