A Deep Dive, Not a Shallow Swim!

A Deep Dive, Not a Shallow Swim!

The more experienced executive doesn’t ask me why they need a professional resume, they understand that it’s worth hiring an expert to get the best product. I am, however, asked why my process takes about 2 weeks and what makes my services worth the extra time and effort.

Anyone can take your old resume, add new information, and give you back a neat, professional, and ATS-friendly resume. Just as someone taking a quick swim-over tour of a Caribbean reef might see the brightest-coloured fish and the biggest coral formations. What I do is akin to a deep, leisurely scuba dive, exploring all the nooks and crannies of the reef that is your career. By the time we’re done, you’ll know who you are, what you’re seeking, why you’re the best candidate, and you’ll have an exciting, seductive resume that makes hiring influencers want to find out even more about you.

An Elite Resume:

  1.  A Deep Dive, Not a Shallow Swim!Free critique. Many clients begin by using the offer of a free resume critique. I read over your current resume and give you feedback in a phone call on where it falls short or what else hiring influencers are seeking.
  2. If you decide you are interested in Executive Coaching and a Professional Resume, we come to an agreement on terms before we begin.
  3. You’ll have to do the front-end work. This is where you map out your career, your goals, your skills, and your experience. More than a list of jobs, I’ll ask you common behavioural interview questions as well, such as “What one word describes you best?” and “What is your leadership style?”, and many more. This is your home turf, your coral reef with a myriad of fish and creatures to explore, and all kinds of rocks and caves to investigate. I’ve been known to return the homework and ask for more detail, so don’t be surprised!
  4. Once you’ve giving me the background map of your career journey, I interview you in depth. This is where you take me on that scuba tour. We take the dive together to explore your career and your future, to create the resume that will delight the right hiring influencers and make them eager to interview.
  5. I write the first draft and submit it to you. You have the chance to give feedback, ask questions, and react.
  6. Then we begin the process of editing and rewrites until you’re happy and comfortable with the results. Your resume is more than a list of skills and jobs that must be readable to ATS software. It’s your career marketing, representing you before you can be present and interviewed. It sells you and represents you.
  7. I’m always available for a quick question or concern. It’s important to me to retain my clients, some have been with me for over 20 years! So, my door is never closed simply because your resume was finished weeks or even years ago. And if you find you have more extensive questions or are looking for more intensive career coaching? I’m happy to set up a coaching package built around you.


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