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Showcase Your Expertise in a Meeting with an Executive Recruiter

Have you decided to work with an executive recruiter to enhance your job search?

Showcase Your Expertise in a Meeting with an Executive Recruiter

A recruiter can provide insight and guidance that will help you navigate your executive job search. To optimize the outcome of working with a recruiter, it is imperative you prepare for a meeting with an executive recruiter similar to the way you would for an interview with a hiring manager.

Proactively Approach the Right Executive Recruiter

Often a recruiter is hired by companies to seek out qualified candidates; therefore, once you have determined the right recruiter, you can build and maintain a relationship to showcase your experience, expertise, and professional values.

To find the right executive recruiter, do your homework. Be sure the recruiter you decide to work with is an expert within your field or industry and has relationships with the companies in which you would like to work.

Prepare for an Interview when meeting an Executive Recruiter

The recruiter’s job is to determine if there is a position that he or she wants to put you up for and to justify your fit to the client; therefore, it is essential your preparation strategy focuses all questions and responses on your accomplishments.

Clearly Communicate Your Personal Brand

Be sure your branding is on point and built to drive success and intrigue. Develop your resume, social media profiles, and professional values to reflect your personal brand. Create answers to common interview questions illustrating your personal brand and value you bring to the organization.

Show You Take the Meeting Seriously

One of the biggest mistakes you can make with a recruiter is to appear nonchalant about the meeting. Instead, it is crucial to demonstrate you take this meeting seriously, you value their time, and are determined to foster a mutually-beneficial and lasting relationship.

To do this, show up early, prepared, and with a willingness to share your connections and expertise with the recruiter. Additionally, come to the meeting as though you are entering into a corporate or panel interview. Dressing appropriately for an interview draws attention to your body language preparedness for the role and helps to advance the recruiter’s decision to find the right search fit for you within a specific company.

Follow Up

Just as you would for an interview with the hiring manager, take the time to thank the recruiter for his or her time. To show your authenticity, mention something that you found of value or of interest as a result of your meeting.

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